A covenant is a promise, a solemn vow. A sacred trust. You do not enter into a covenant casually. No easy task, committing your firm’s principles and practices to writing. It is not a matter to be taken frivolously or lightly. What follows represents the operating philosophy and the code of ethics of Jerold Panas, Linzy & Partners. It is what we stand for, and what we stand by. It is the engine that impels this firm. It is the covenant we make with our clients. We pledge to keep these tenets in a constant state of use, challenge, and renewal. For the good of the organizations and institutions we serve. And to the benefit of the entire cosmos of philanthropy— a world in which this firm performs a major role.

  • Dedication to Success
  • Quality of Leadership
  • Team Talent
  • Predictable Results
  • Campaign Expenses
  • Profit Incentive
  • New Clients Provide Vitality
  • Continuing Relationship
  • Superior Staff

Our Symbol If thoughtfully conceived and creatively designed, the symbol fires the heart of the organization’s drive and focus, its philosophy of operation, its unyielding mission. Just as the tower bell, it rings clearly, brilliantly, and resoundingly. No cling and clang. It must resonate with rigor and resolve This is what we stand for. Know us by our symbol.