Speaking Engagements

Our Partners are regular and popular presenters at Conferences, Seminars and Workshops. And Board Retreats and Staff Meetings. Most often, they are featured or plenary speakers. But they also do break-out sessions.

Frequently, they speak for half a day —often the full day. The time is tailored to your needs. The evaluations and comments are at the highest possible ranking.

Scheduling Speaking Engagements

For more information and availability please call 1.800.234.7777 or email us. What follows is more information on the speeches from which you can choose.

Jerry Panas
Jerold Panas
Scott Lange
Doug Dillon
Jerry Linzy
Jerry Linzy
Jay Frost
Jay Frost
 doug-ray-Senior Principal at Jerold Panas Linzy and Partners
 Doug Ray
melanie sabelhaus-300
Melanie Sablehaus
 Robbie Wayne, Partner at Jerold Panas Linzy and Partners
 Robie Wayne

Dr. Jerold Panas, Founding Partner, is a leading speaker and trainer in the field of philanthropy. The author of sixteen books, including the perennial best-seller “Asking,” he has an unsurpassed knowledge of every aspect of resource development and an unequaled passion for sharing his experience with major donors and successful campaigns around the world. Jerry delivers dozens of conference keynotes, workshops and board training sessions annually.
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Scott R. Lange, CEO and Executive Partner of the firm, brings a wide combination of skills and experience as a speaker. Scott has over 30 years of leadership as a front line gift officer, chief development officer, software entrepreneur, and consultant. His experience traverses higher education, healthcare, policy, international NGO’s, and technology sectors. The CASE Conference on Major Gifts and the CASE Conference of Capital Campaigns earning him the Crystal Apple Award for Excellence in Teaching.
    Scott believes a good speaker is someone who both understands the issues in the industry and society, and can couple that with an engaging delivery style that is fun and informative.
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Doug Dillon is Senior Managing Partner of Jerold Panas, Linzy & Partners— one of the nation’s most highly regarded firms in the field of campaign services and financial resource development. A major force in the industry, the firm has offices in Chicago, and Boston. Since its founding in 1968, the firm has served over 3500 client institutions.
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Jerry Linzy, Executive Partner and Chief Operating Officer, is an experienced professional in the field of fundraising and a frequent speaker and trainer.  A past International Chair of the Association for Healthcare Philanthropy and recipient of the association’s prestigious Si Semour Award, he provides a unique perspective from have raised nearly $2 billion with hospital and education clients through the United States and Australia.  Jerry is a contributing author The NonProfit Handbook, is a member of the FundRaising Management faculty of the AHP Institute at the University of Wisconsin in Madison and is Dean of the Capital Campaign and is Senior Faculty for the Institute for Charitable Giving.
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Jay Frost, Senior Partner at JPL&P, is a popular speaker on fundraising who has addressed hundreds of meetings in the US, Canada, UK and Asia, including conferences of CASE, APRA, AFP, NCDC, EAPG, and RiF.  He has been described by meeting planners and attendees alike as “a master of innovation” and “a beacon of light and inspiration” whose “humor filled and thought provoking” talks leave audiences both “energized and informed.” Jay gained his insights working with thousands of nonprofit organizations around the world over the last twenty-eight years and a consultant and serial entrepreneur serving the field of philanthropy.
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Doug Ray, is a Senior Principal at JPL&P. For over twenty-five years, Doug Ray has brought his considerable skills and vision to organizations seeking to grow through effective leadership, communications, administration, and fundraising and strategic planning. When Doug conducts workshops for nonprofit board members, and during his presentation, he always talks about their responsibility as fundraisers for the organization.
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Melanie Sablehaus is Co-Founder of two of the most successful women's initiatives in America. Melanie has spoken both domestically and internationally on the power of women in nonprofit leadership and philanthropy. She is able to inspire audiences to launch a women's program and create a strategic plan that will result in amazing results for their organization.
   Melanie is an inspiring speaker. She has the ability to motivate organizations to think big and bold. You will learn to tap into your most important donor resource to achieve significant results— through their time, talent, and treasure.
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Robie Wayne is a Partner at JPL&P, He brings extraordinary experience and insight as a speaker. Robie has consulted to organizations in the U.S., Canada, and Japan. He has assisted in over 300 capital campaigns and is one of the most effective technicians in the field. Robie delivers his expertise in a dynamic and interesting manner. Robie’s presentation is to use analogies and real stories that have impacted campaigns. You will walk away with a new appreciation of how to prepare yourself and your organization for success.
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