Douglass E. Ray

Douglass RayDouglass E. Ray is a Senior Consultant with Jerold Panas, Linzy & Partners. The firm is one of the most significant in consulting for philanthropy. In recent years, it has served over 3900 client-institutions.

For over twenty-seven years, Doug Ray has brought his considerable skills and vision to organizations seeking to grow through effective leadership, communications, administration, fundraising, and strategic planning.

Before joining our firm, he was for six years president of the Colorado Episcopal Foundation. In this role, he developed fundraising programs for long term support and growth of all of the congregations in the state. Before that, he was Executive Director of AmeriCares, currently the 22nd largest charity in the United States.

Doug Ray was formerly Assistant Dean of the Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science, University of Miami. This is the senior fundraising position at one of the nation's leading oceanographic research and academic institutions.

At one time, he was president of another major consulting firm. With that group, his clients included such organizations as The American Red Cross, Habitat for Humanity, and Disney's Celebration Health in Orlando.

Doug Ray has served as consultant to corporations and nonprofit organizations in strategic planning, media relations, marketing, and speech writing. He has designed and administered innovative workshops and seminars on fundraising and nonprofit leadership and board development. He has a national reputation for helping organizations manage change and has taught communicators on how to tell an effective story.

In his radio program, The Way They Live, Doug reached hundreds of thousands of people with inspirational stories of "people who make good news, simply by the way they live." In nearly 1000 broadcasts, Doug featured leaders from the worlds of business, entertainment, government, and nonprofit endeavors. He is an Ordained Priest (Episcopal) and an alumnus of Cambridge University (England), as well as Williams College and McGill University (Montreal).

Douglass Ray has a demonstrated track record of significant achievement. His skill as a fundraiser, strategist, and a creative thinker ranks him as one of the firm's significant senior officers. Calling someone a "people person" is so often overused and by now, trite. But Douglass Ray embodies the term- and he helps people reach higher than they ever thought possible.

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