Melanie R. Sabelhaus Presentations

melanie sabelhaus-300Melanie R. Sabelhaus is Co-Founder of two of the most successful women's initiatives in America. She has been involved in raising over $ 1 billion dollars through the power of women in philanthropy.
Melanie has spoken both domestically and internationally on the power of women in nonprofit leadership and philanthropy. She is able to inspire audiences to launch a women's program and create a strategic plan that will result in amazing results for their organization.

Melanie is an inspiring speaker. She has the ability to motivate organizations to think big and bold. You will learn to tap into your most important donor resource to achieve significant results— through their time, talent, and treasure.

She brings extensive board and business experience. She served as Deputy Director of the USA Small Business Administration.  She has also served on a number of national and local Boards— many as Chair. You will receive a broad view of the important role women play in our society.


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Melanie's speaking engagements