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The Fundraiser's Resource Bookstore contains books we think will richly increase your fundraising knowledge, enhance your ability to secure the gift or organize and manage boardrooms more effectively .

There is no author in the field more prolific or better read than Jerold Panas. His books are highly acclaimed and at least several are on virtually every fundraiser’s bookshelf. Or in handy reach on the desk.

We have also included additional authors you will enjoy. Click on the "Buy This Book" button to either learn more about the book or purchase it.


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born-to-raise-400NEW 30th ANNIVERSARY EDITION!
Born to Raise
Jerold Panas

What Makes a Great Fundraiser Great

Back in print with new introduction by the author.

Of all the books I’ve written, Born to Raise is one of my favorites. On a regular basis, I have people tell me of all the books I’ve written, this is one of their favorites, also. I have heard that for 30 years!


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measuring-stick-book-cvrNEW! The Fundraiser's Measuring Stick - Jerold Panas

Sizing Up the Attributes Board Members, Volunteers and Staff Must Cultivate To Secure Major Gifts

Highly effective fundraisers share striking similarities – in their attitude, in the way they approach their work, and in the strategies they use to inspire and motivate donors to give stretch gifts.

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lost-manuscript-coverThe Lost Manuscript - Manuscript by Si Seymour, with Observations & Comments by Jerold Panas

Binder, 153 pages: $59.00. ORDER HERE

In the following story, Jerry Panas tells you how he discovered this tome of knowledge from one of the great fundraisers of our field, Si Seymour.


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Asking, book by Jerold Panas on PhilanthropyAsking - Jerold Panas

A 59-Minute Guide to Everything Board Members, Volunteers, and Staff Must Know to Secure the Gift. It takes the fear out of asking. It's fun, inspirational, and its short chapters and punchy comments make it easy to read.


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The Artful Journey book by William T. SturtevantThe Artful Journey, 2nd Edition - William T. Sturtevant

Here is the first really practical book on major gift fundraising. You'll find a step-by-step guide to ensuring effective cultivation and a successful ask. The book promises a fail-proof roadmap—and it delivers. Sturtevant is a master gift-crafter and practitioner. He is one of the most highly esteemed in his field. His involvement in millions of dollars of gifts provides credence to the assured design he writes about in this book.

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Excel book by Jerold PanasExcel! - Jerold Panas

A delightful miniature (2 1/2" x 3"), but don't let the size of this book fool you. It is a towering collection of brilliant and rousing essays. Each is certain to motivate and ignite the spirit and soul. In his Afterword, Panas says that he was compelled to write these pieces—to use his words: it was like fire in my bones. The passion and fever shows. In his essay on Work, he claims that procrastination is the mortal enemy and the avenue of despair and disappointment is paved with the timid and tired who won't get things done, who won't act. These men and women conspire with the devil of failure...

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The First 120 Days book by Jerold PanasThe First 120 Days - Jerold Panas

The first 120 days of a new college or university president determines whether his or her tenure will be highly successful, or less than flourishing. The first four months are a harbinger of a president's promise and fate.

This book is directed to new presidents, but is equally helpful for those who have been in office for some time, or has the responsibility of leading an institution, organization or company.


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fundraising-habitsThe Fundraising Habits of Supremely Successful Boards
- Jerold Panas

Jerold Panas says that: A large part of an organization’s success depends on its board’s willingness to cultivate certain behaviors. “Over the course of a storied career, Panas has worked with literally thousands of boards. He has counseled foundering groups; he’s been the wind beneath the wings of boards whose organizations have soared.


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You Are A Hero by Jerold PanasThe Little Gold Book: Tips, Pointers, and Guidelines for Making a Supremely Successful Solicitation - Jerold Panas

In what will take 5 minutes to read (10 at the most), your volunteers will receive the very most important elements in being an effective, successful campaign worker. It also explains why they are a hero to your organization. It describes how their involvement directly impacts your organization and those you serve.


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The Little Gold Book by Jerold PanasThe Little Gold Book: Everything You Could Possibly Want to Know to Ask Effective Questions - Jerold Panas

You can’t listen effectively unless you know how to ask perfect questions. Aha! That’s what this remarkable book is all about. The subtitle of the book is: Everything You Could Possibly Want to Know to Ask Effective Questions. And it delivers on its promise. In Jerry's opening statement, he writes that in making a successful ask, you do not need a persuasive, eloquent presentation. You need to listen to secure the gift. You Listen The Gift.