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Boardroom Verities book by Jerold PanasBoardroom Verities - Jerold Panas (SOLD OUT)

We have obtained a limited number of gently used copies of this book that we are now offering at a discounted price.

A Celebration of Trusteeship With Some Guides and Techniques to Govern By. Boardroom Verities is a celebration of trusteeship that looks at why men and women are willing to join boards and give their time, compassion, and commitment. This book presents eighty time-tested truths that govern board membership. They appear in a series of brief chapters, based on interviews with over 100 men and women who serve on the boards of organizations just like yours.

The book covers virtually every aspect of what it takes to have a healthy board and effective trustees—ways to maintain each trustee's focus on the passion of the cause, nine characteristics of a motivated and disciplined board, and some of the consequential factors that make an institution great. Hard cover, 238 pages, $10.00

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