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Born to Raise book by Jerold PanasBorn to Raise - Jerold Panas

What Makes a Great Fundraiser; What Makes Fundraiser Great? You'll agree with us that no one knows fundraising like Jerry Panas does. In this spirited book he identifies and interviews fifty fundraisers he describes as being great—the best in the business.

These fundraisers tell Panas what it takes to be the best. What they have to say may surprise you. Panas analyzes the traits and skills of these successful fundraisers. He draws upon his own distinguished career to find the similarities and strengths.

One thing is certain, fundraisers are a totally dissimilar group. Although their lives and careers vary, a common congruity seems to join the profiles in this book. It is their unrestrained and unreserved single-mindedness to be the best. More than 3,000 fundraisers were surveyed to produce the most comprehensive study of fundraising ever done. Hard cover, 228 pages, $40.00

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