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Published September 17, 2017

This Is Important. Please Note.

You’ve heard me preach about the importance of major gifts. It’s the Hymn I sing.

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Published September 10, 2017

Donor Attitude

There’s plenty you can’t do anything about.

You can’t, for instance, do anything that affects how a donor feels about the economy. Or the weather. Or, let’s say, about the President.

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Published September 4, 2017

Just In Case You Missed It

A recent report from the U.S. Trust Study of High Net Worth Philanthropy indicates that giving and volunteering will very likely increase in future years. The information comes from Claire Costello, National Philanthropic Practice Executive for U.S. Trust.

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Published August 28, 2017

34 Times More Successful

I just got a note from my friend Bob Tiede. He is the nation’s leading authority on the use of powerful, penetrating questions.

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Published August 20, 2017

Pat Them on the Back

Robert Dilenschneider has just published a Special Report called Retaining Your Best Employees. Dilenschneider is a PR expert and coach to some of the nation’s top CEOs.

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Published August 13, 2017

Evaluate Your Board Meetings

I had just started my consulting relationship with Asheville School. It’s a very special high school in Asheville, North Carolina.

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Published August 6, 2017

Testing Strategy Strength

McKinsey is considered the premiere firm in management consulting. There may be other firms as good, but very few.

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Published July 30, 2017

Think Anne Frank

I recently had a note from Mal Warwick. He wrote me from Shanghai.