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Published July 30, 2017

Think Anne Frank

I recently had a note from Mal Warwick. He wrote me from Shanghai.

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Published July 24, 2017

You Have a Brand...Good or Bad

What the devil is all the hubbub about, “Branding”?

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Published July 16, 2017


We just completed a fascinating study for an organization. They were hemorrhaging their donors.

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Published July 9, 2017

Here’s a Great Idea

For a long time, I wondered how to help our clients describe the benefits of their different levels of giving.

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Published July 5, 2017

Seeking a Mentor or Coach

Josh Bersin is a noted management consultant and an expert on corporate leadership. He was involved with General Electric— first with Jack Welch and then Jeffrey Immalt.

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Published June 25, 2017

No More Pledges!

The word “Pledge” has a negative connotation. For many, they won’t even consider an extended payment plan.

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Published June 18, 2017

Value of a Large Board

Recently, we conducted a market research survey to determine the practice and success of Board training. You’ll be interested in some of the results. The findings are several dozen pages long. I’ll only share a few excerpts.

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Published June 11, 2017

They’re Getting Younger

In a recent exhaustive and in-depth study regarding philanthropy, they classify “younger donors” as those in the age range of 40-55. The results of their study are interesting. Important.