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Published May 23, 2016

The Dreaded P-Word

The very term sends shivers and tremors into the heart of even the strong and fearless.

The term is “pledge card.” THE PLEDGE CARD!

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Published May 16, 2016

Your Most Precious Gift

I’m convinced that the most precious gift your organization can receive is a Board member dedicated and devoted to the institution. You want a Trustee who is burning in his (her) bones for the organization.

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Published May 9, 2016

Ten Questions You Should Answer

Josh Weston was a major donor and a superb corporate citizen. He headed a number of significant causes when he was CEO of the $10 billion Automatic Data Processing (New Jersey). The company is the largest provider of business outsourcing solutions.

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Published May 2, 2016

Development Titles

I’ve written about this before.

For contacts beyond your organization, I believe titles are important to the outside world. They provide status and help open doors.

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Published April 25, 2016

Let Them Know

One of the national campaigns I’m working with is naming a revered elder statesman of the organization to be in charge of just one thing— donor stewardship.

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Published April 18, 2016

Ignite a Fire

Writing a Case Statement is not for sissies! It can be a torturous venture for someone on the staff.

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Published April 11, 2016

Just Do It!

Call Reports are the bane of our work . . . and absolutely necessary. You may have a term you use that’s different than Call Report, but you get the idea. It’s the documentation of the visit (or sometimes the phone call), what went on, any unusual factors that need to be noted, and how you are getting the donor closer to a yes, or closer to a larger gift.

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Published April 4, 2016

Here’s a Million Dollar Idea

Don’t say it’s impossible for you to raise a million dollars. That puts you on the losing side.