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Verity #70 —

Nothing is More Important than Integrity 

Integrity is the sine qua non in our work. It is everything.

There is not a right way to do a wrong thing. Something is either right or it is wrong.

You must stand for what is right, even if you are standing alone. It can be a scorching test of character. You do what is right.

Integrity can be easily lost and cancelled. You must honor your life, cherish it, and make it shine. Otherwise, it is a loss of soul to a higher order.

Impeccable. That says it all. Nothing less will do.

There is no need to talk about integrity. It shows. It means living the talk.

It involves a moral imperative deep inside us. It’s always there. It is not negotiable.

It’s the well-spring of our life. From it comes energy and commitment. It drives us on.

Our successful fundraisers understand this. Integrity is the mightiest weapon in their arsenal. Its power is explosive. And it must be combined, too, with compassion. For without grace and love, integrity is without heart and life.

Impeccable integrity is redundant.

Integrity stands alone, requiring neither modifier nor moderation.

In our business, integrity isn’t everything. It is the only thing. Integrity alone is no assurance of a ticket to the top. But without it, you can’t even begin the journey. Without integrity, you are a cannon without any ammunition. You are nothing.

The poet Martin Tupper wrote that integrity is, “a call that ignites the spirit.”

— Jerry