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Verity #55 —

The Successful Ones Relish High Objectives

They reach for the moon. They know they might not get there, but they will grab a star on the way down.

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Verity #54 —

The Great Fundraisers Practice the Principle of Ready, Fire, Aim

Some in our field are guilty of spending all of their time preparing for an ask or a campaign. Or they spend all their time analyzing the most effective way to call on a prospect— instead of making the call.

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Verity #53 —

Great Fundraisers have the Desire to Win

In today’s world, to say “impossible” always puts you on the losing side.

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Verity #52 —

Seeking Perfection May Not Produce Happy Results

There is a significant difference between striving for excellence and attempting perfection. With the proper attitude and determination, the first is attainable, gratifying, and healthy. The latter is virtually impossible and frustrating. Perhaps even neurotic. It also happens to be an extraordinary waste of time.

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Verity #51 —

You are Hard to Please

You are not easily satisfied. Only the very best will do.

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Verity #50 —

It Must Benefit the Donor

Donors give to what they want to give to. It may not be what you want.

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Verity #49 —

You Pull Up the Roots to See if the Flowers are Still Growings

In fundraising, patience is not necessarily a virtue. You are seldom satisfied with the progress.

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Verity #48 —

The Successful Fundraisers Have Focus

To them, the definition of focus is knowing exactly what they want to be today, tomorrow, and the end of the fiscal year. And the future.