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Verity #39 —

Fundraisers are Resolute

One of the attributes I found in every one of my great fundraisers is that they are resolute. Determined. Dogged and undaunted.

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Verity #38 —

The Great Fundraisers are Problem-Solvers

They understand that every grand opportunity is simply masquerading as a problem. It is a mystery waiting to be solved.

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Verity #37 —

They Love Calling on People

One of the questions I often ask at my Seminars I lead is: “How many here really enjoy calling on people?” Out of a group of, let’s say, two hundred, a sprinkling of hands will tentatively go up. I would perhaps expect this among volunteers. They can, however, with the proper coaching be very effective solicitors. And when it’s done well, they love it.

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Verity #36 —

Status Quo is an Abomination

The term is not in the vocabulary of the great fundraisers. It’s repugnant. Repulsive.

The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world . . . are the ones who do.

For most I visited with, they are Change Agents. They want to see things happen. The great ones understand that if they have always done it that way, it is probably wrong today.

They understand that if you are still doing today what you did yesterday, the parade has likely already passed you by. Most of the great ones think in the future tense.

They also understand that one of the major motivating factors for a person who makes a gift is that there is the desire to create change. The donor wants to see things happen. It is important that they feel that through their gift, there can be consequential results. Donors and great fundraisers like the impact of the POW. Coupling a fundraiser with this attribute with a donor who wishes to make change solemnizes the wedding.

— Jerry

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Verity #35 —

There is a Great Concern for People— Compassion, Deep Affection

The feeling is so strong, it is nothing less than ministerial in its approach and commitment.

I spent hours with Bart Giamatti. He was President of Yale University. It was a fascinating session.

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Verity #34 —

There are Twelve Characteristics Most Important to Success

I know all of the great fundraisers I interviewed for my book. I worked with all of them. I believe I know what makes them tick.

The characteristics I’m going to identify resulted from a study that George Gallup Jr. conducted among 1,000 men and women he considered to be, “the most successful in their field.” I’ve seen that list of 1,000, and I just can’t imagine I could add anyone to that roster.

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Verity #33 —

The Greatest of Fundraisers They Might Have Been

They were going to be all they promised to be. Tomorrow.
None would work more effectively, you’d see. Tomorrow.

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Verity #32 —

The Great Fundraisers Don’t Put Things Off

Carpe Diem is an ancient Latin phrase which means, “Seize the Day.”  That’s their credo— Seize the Day.