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Verity #31 —

High Degree of Self-Confidence

All of the great fundraisers have a high degree of self-confidence. They are as assured, as the saying goes, as a Methodist with four aces. When they pray for rain— they are so confident, they take an umbrella with them.

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Verity #30 —

There are Soaring Spiritual Values

Somewhere in the background of the great fundraisers, in their early childhoods, there was a value system. Every single one spoke to me about this.

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Verity #29 —

It Takes Rigorous Discipline

For the great fundraisers, there is a huge reservoir of will, drive, and determination. Most of all, there is discipline. Meticulous attention to details is the discipline floss to being a successful fundraiser. You may not like it, but you know it’s good for you.

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Verity #28 —

You are Results-Oriented

Your entire focus is on the strategy, the solution, and the outcome. You struggle. Just like every tree that struggles to reach the sky. You come from the Try-Harder School.

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Verity #27 —

Memory is Monumental

Most of the great fundraisers I interviewed have extremely well organized offices, a clean desk, and work by rigid schedules.

There is something else, however. El Dorado is Spanish for, “Place of Riches.” Time is the great fundraiser’s El Dorado. And there’s never enough of it.

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Verity #26 —

The great fundraisers are charged with energy

There is vigor and vitality that is undeniable and indefatigable. The great ones seem to be able to endure a staggering workload, hour after joyous hour.

Forget everything you learned in high school physics about the definition of “energy.” In fundraising, the definition of energy is, success. Energy breeds success.

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Verity #25 —

Research is important, but action prevails

Knowing precisely the proper strategic approach to a major potential donor is not at all a tidy process. The great fundraisers understand that.

It takes an intuitive sense and feeling, it takes common sense, and it takes all the research possible.

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Verity #24 —

There is never enough time. Never!

Even though I don’t know you as well as I would like, I am aware you have a serious problem. It gnaws on you every day. It’s unrelenting.

You don’t have enough time.