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Verity #7 —

You Have Decisive Resolve

Nothing significant has ever been accomplished unless some man or woman dreamed it should be done. Someone believed it could be done. And then, most importantly, someone decided that it must be done.

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Verity #6 —

Great Fundraisers are Winners

They have a lust and a will for winning. Their attitude is that if you want to be in second place, nobody is going to fight you for it!

You attempt nothing great unless there are difficulties to overcome. You persevere and achieve from your desire to win and from the pride you have in vanquishing all.

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Verity #5 —

You Have to Ask for The Order 

Markita Andrew is 13 years old. She gives us the answer. She is the all-time champion seller of Girl Scout cookies— 12,000 boxes last year. She has led the country the last several years.

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Verity #4 —

You Are High-Touch, Low Tech 

You have a great appreciation for all of the remarkable electronic equipment and software that is available. You understand, however, that the computer does not take the place of calling on someone personally for a gift-- not anymore than a pencil substitutes for literacy.

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Verity #3 —

You Are a Communicator 

Before his passing, Peter F. Drucker was quoted in The Wall Street Journal.  What he said about success is immediately transferable to our profession of fundraising.

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Verity #2 —

Success is Always Coupled with Perseverance

An unrelenting persistence. It is a key element.
George Sand was no fundraiser. But in one of her famous letters, she wrote quite a remarkable definition of success appropriate to our field: “. . . Simple taste, a certain degree of courage, self-denial to a point, and love of work. And most important, determination and patience. Persistence and perseverance.”
Success is elusive. It is never fully achieved or final. Nor is failure completely flawed or total.

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Verity #1 —

You Have Great Joy in What You Are Doing

You have great joy in what you are doing.  It’s a love affair.  You are passionate about your work and your organization.  And it shows.

In one of his speeches, Will Rogers said:  “If you want to be successful, it’s pretty simple.  There are only four things to keep in mind.  It’s really that easy.


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