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Branding is Everything!

Branding is a way of demonstrating your distinctive and relevant impact. If it’s done properly, it can help your organization create more lasting relationships, secure far more support, and increase substantially your effectiveness.

I read just the other day that a brand is more than a logo or a set of communication tools. It is the alpha-omega of all the perceptions about an organization. It is everything. It is the result of every communication of the organization and every action. It is the sum and substance of everything it does.


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Who Are 'Trustee Fellows'?

Have you ever wondered what to do about really outstanding men and women you want to have and keep more closely identified with your organization? I’m thinking of those who are not willing to serve on your Board. They don’t want the nitty-gritty of serving on the Board, the regular frequent meetings, and the responsibility. Actually, some of these folks might not even make good Board members.


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Not 'Just the Facts'

Daniel Oppenheimer is a psychologist at Princeton University and co-editor of the book, “The Science of Giving.”  In some research he did, he found that providing people information about a charity’s overhead costs makes them less likely to donate to it. This held true, remarkably so, even if the information was positive and indicated that the charity was extremely efficient.


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A Dictum to Live By

Ricardo Jiménez Hernández is one of the leading volunteers in Mexico. He is a major force for philanthropy in the country.


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The Joy of Giving

Here begineth the lesson.

If you have been with me at one of my seminars or workshops, you’ve heard me preach the gospel of the joy of giving.  You’ve also heard me speak of a phenomenon that takes place when a person makes a gift of significance.


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Listening Gets The Gift

I received a note the other day from Chad Lane.  He mentioned he had quoted a passage from one of my books (Born to Raise).  He sent me a copy of the blog.  Here’s what he quoted.


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Survey on Board Training -

Is Your Board Doing a Good Job?

We just conducted a market research survey to determine the practice and success of Board training.  You may be interested in some of the results.  The findings are several dozen pages long.  I’ll only share a few excerpts.


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A Dozen "Will-Nevers" for Fundraisers

There’s a fellow named Seth Godin. I’m not certain how I started getting messages from his blog. I don’t even know what the fellow does for a living. (Shouldn’t that be the purpose of the blog?) All I know is that he manages to send a message just about every other day.

Here’s one he wrote for sales people. I felt it applied equally to folks in development work. I’ve added a few “will-nevers.”  Can you guess which ones? What is your "Will-Never"?