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Verity #63 —

Passion Rules the Day

For the successful ones, their work and life excites them. And it shows.

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Verity #62 —

Generalists rule the world

The successful fundraisers have great regard for specialists in the field. It is understood how important these men and women are to an effective development office.

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Verity #61 —

The Successful Fundraisers are Men and Women of Ideas and Ideals

For the truly successful ones, their beliefs are lofty. Soaring aspirations.

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Verity #60 —

Trust Your Instincts

When is precisely the right time to call on someone? When is it appropriate to talk instead of listen? When do you know whether to launch something new? Try something different?  Make a change?

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Verity #59 —

The Most Successful Fundraisers Recruit the Strongest

Great fundraisers build the most effective people around them. Not only staff, but volunteers.

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Verity #58 —

No Pain, No Gain

Among the successful fundraisers, there is a willingness, even an eagerness and expectation, to pay the price— whatever the cost. They understand that to be successful in this field, there has to be sacrifice. No pain, no gain.

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Verity #57 —

Details are the Rudder that Directs Your Work

“God is in the details,” said Mies Van der Rohe. To be successful, you understand how essential details are to achieving the highest level of excellence. That’s what gets the gift.

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Verity #56 —

Surviving the Fundraising Challenges

You understand that just being able to survive can at times be challenging in our profession. Never let yourself get between a dog and a lamppost! That should be our credo.