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Thought #69 —

Brave the Unexplored

The board must be willing to brave the unexplored-— to attempt the unthinkable. The challenge! You can never cross the ocean until you have the courage to lose sight of the shore.

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Thought #68 —

Mission Deficit

It is the board’s responsibility to make certain there is not a deficit. And I don’t mean a financial deficit.

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Thought #67 —

Great Fundraisers Understand This

To be a great fundraiser, you understand there is no goal you can’t achieve, no mountain you can’t climb.  Nothing is a barrier or a problem.  The great fundraisers understand that when they come to a roadblock in securing the gift, they simply take a detour.

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Thought #66 —

Review Your Mission

Your mission is your most valuable asset. It needs to be brought out for display on a regular basis.

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Thought #65 —

Make Them believers

Donors will give to you only if they trust and have confidence in you. Make them believers.

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Thought #64 —

What Makes a Successful Fundraiser

There are four elements in being a highly successful fundraiser.

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Thought #63 —

Do you have a Strategy

The major reason you didn’t get the gift is that you didn’t have a strategy for the meeting. But also in importance are the following:

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Thought #62 —

Become a Storyteller

You are a storyteller. A weaver of dreams. A wise philosopher once said, “God made human beings because God loves stories. And our lives are the stories God tells.”