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Thought #61 —

Embrace Objections

Objections are your best friends. You may find this difficult to believe, but it’s true. What you don’t want to hear is what you should listen to most carefully.

Your job is to probe in such a way that you discover if there are objections. If you leave the session without knowing this, you will not receive the gift.

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Thought #60 —

Seize the Day

The great fundraisers don’t put things off. They Seize the Day. Lay siege to the moment.

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Thought #59 —

Put a Plan Together for Your Meeting

Before I plan for a visit, I always ask myself: “How can I infuse this meeting with excitement, enthusiasm, and new ideas?” How can I add WOW! I want to make certain I plan on having something special happen at the meeting.

I also want to think in advance about how do I follow-up this meeting. And, of course, what am I going to ask for?

I plan something else that’s important. I think about what power questions am I going to ask to get the information I need. And what questions is the person likely to ask me?

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Thought #58 —

Who Started the First Capital Campaign?

Very often, when people talk about philanthropy in the States, they always mention the great tax savings. Actually, that isn’t the motivation for giving. In all the studies we have done, we find that tax consideration is one of the lowest incentives for giving.

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Thought #57 —

You can’t raise money by arithmetic!

Let’s say you want to raise one million dollars. That’s not an unreasonable amount.

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Thought #56 —

Success is Always Coupled with Determination

Success is always coupled with determination. And unrelenting persistence. Perseverance is a key element in being successful.

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Thought #55 —

Getting the Appointment

Getting the appointment is more difficult than getting the gift. If you get to visit with a person, you are 85% on your way to getting the gift.

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Thought #54 —

Being Successful

Here are the twelve factors I find to be most important in order to be successful in our work.