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Thought #45 —

Tell Them You're Unique

It is important that you indicate how your organization is uniquely positioned to provide the service you do. I want you to be able to say, “No other organization offers the service we do. No other organization touches lives the way we do.”

If you are just a carbon-copy, me-too organization, why would a donor want to give to you?

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Thought #44 —

Get Your Donors to Talk

After 48 hours, a person only remembers 37% of what you have talked about.  But they remember 76% of what they say.  When you are meeting with someone, make certain you probe and get them to talk.

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Thought #43 —

Three Essential Elements to an Appeal

In your oral appeal and in your writing, there are three things that are essential.

•    Your project and your organization must be relevant.
•    What you propose must have emotional and dramatic appeal.
•    There has to be a sense of urgency. The project must go forward. The funds are needed now. Time will not wait.

The greatest of these is the element of urgency.

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Thought #42 —

Thrifty Use of Resources

Expensive brochures are often a negative to the prospect. They are like children — much beloved by their parents, but barely tolerated by others.

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Thought #41 —

Tell Them How Their Gift Makes a Difference

Keep in mind that it’s not about fundraising. And it’s not about money. It’s about changing lives and saving lives. Your job is to let people know how their gift can help touch lives in an extraordinary way. Their gift makes a difference.

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Thought #40 —

Keep It Simple

Keep your request simple. If there are too many things for a donor to consider, they can’t remember anything, can’t differentiate the important from the less important, can’t decide about anything. Don’t give them too many choices.

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Thought #39 —

Feeling Your Passion

It’s essential that you are passionate about your organization and its work. Donors can feel it and sense it. If you aren’t totally committed, you are either at the wrong organization or in the wrong profession.

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Thought #38 —

Your Attitude is Your Choice

If you say it can’t be done, you are right. If you say it can be done, you are also right. The choice is yours. You must have a can-do attitude.