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Thought #13 —

Strategy for Talking to Couples

A factor you can be pretty certain of is that husbands and wives discuss their philanthropy. That means that if you are going for a large personal gift, it would be the right strategy to talk to the husband and wife together.

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Thought #12 —

The Culture of Not Asking

In some organizations, there isn’t a problem with a culture of giving. The problem is a culture of not asking. It’s absolutely amazing what you don’t get when you don’t ask.

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Thought #11 —

Giving Begets Giving

We have a saying that, “you can’t go to the same well too often.” It means that you can’t always go to the same people all the time for gifts. As a matter of fact, that’s exactly where you do go. Those who give will give again. And again. Giving begets giving.

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Thought #10 —

Making a Large Gift is Visceral

Making a large gift is not rational. It’s visceral. There’s a tremendous emotional feeling. When someone decides to make a large gift, it goes from the mind to the heart to the checkbook.

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Thought #9 —

Something You Do for Someone 

Fundraising is not something you do to someone. Asking for a gift is something you do for someone.


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Thought #8 —

The Greatest Joy of the Donor

Our job as fundraisers is to secure the largest gift possible, in the shortest amount of time, to the greatest joy of the donor. We want the donor to feel that theirs is a meaningful gift, noble, and inspiring. It’s our job as fundraisers to make them feel this way.


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Thought #7 —

The More You Give, the More You Have 

We find that the more a person gives, the more that is returned to him or her. The miracle is that the greater you give and share, the more you have. It’s actually impossible to give without it coming back to the donor.

There was a man,
Some thought him mad.
The more he gave away,
The more he had.

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Thought #6 —

Only Three Objectives You Need to Know

For those of us in fundraising, there are only three objectives.