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Thought #77 —

Gift Receipts

Receipts for a gift must be sent from the organization to the donor within 24 hours. 48 hours at the most.

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Thought #76 —

Make Your Board Request Compelling and Urgent

I talked with dozens of men and women who were asked to serve on a board. They declined. I asked why.

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Thought #75 —

The Joy and Reward of Fundraising

The successful fundraisers love calling on people. It’s in their DNA.

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Thought #74 —

Fundraisers Need Boundless Energy

To be successful in our work, it takes great energy. There must be vigor and vitality that is undeniable and indefatigable. The successful fundraisers seem to be able to endure a staggering workload, hour after joyous hour.

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Thought #73 —

Decisions Determine Resources

For a truly effective board, resources don’t determine decisions. Decisions determine resources.


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Thought #72 —

Finding Time is Essential

There’s never enough time. Never! I know that to be true.

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Thought #71 —

Abandon Yourself with Passion

Your fundraising experience ought to be a journey of action and adventure. Apathy is the deadly sin. To be successful in your work, you must abandon yourself to your passion.


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Thought #70 —

Fervor and Dedication

Board members must bring fervor and dedication to their position. A board member with a passion is the difference between flying or just flapping your wings.