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Thought #5 —

Soul on Fire

For your donors, it’s far more than just giving money. It is the soul on fire. It has to do with values. Giving is all about the human spirit and letting it soar.

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Thought #4 —

Asking the Right Questions

Successful soliciting is not as much about knowing the right answers as it is about knowing the right questions to ask. You don’t have to have all the answers. But what you must have are all the right questions.

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Thought #3 —

Asking Donors for Their Heart

Don’t ask men and women for their money. Ask for their heart and spirit. For a donor, it’s not about money. It’s about dreams and high aspirations. It’s about what magic their gift can perform.

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Thought #2 —

Nine Mandates that Lead to Success

1.  Listen because it shows how much you value the other person.
2.  Return all phone calls immediately.
3.  Send thank you notes.
4.  Show sincere appreciation.
5.  Become a valued resource to the donor.
6.  Create a relationship— not a sale.
7.  Do what you say you will do— do not over-promise.
8.  Do what is not expected.
9.  Do all these things without any expectation of a return from the donor.

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Thought #1 —

Giving Money to Create Change

People don’t want to just give money away. They want to give to dazzling and heroic programs. They want to give to organizations that make an exciting and lasting difference.

Those who give to you want to create change. They want to join others in a transformational cause that changes lives and saves lives.