Picture this, if you will. A man goes to a doctor. “Doc, I’ve been feeling terrible!” The doctor interrupts. “I’m pretty busy right now. But I don’t need to examine you. I know exactly what your problem is and I know how to treat you.”
“But, doc, you haven’t even examined me.” 

This analogy is not too far-fetched. It explains why we insist on conducting a feasibility study prior to every engagement that involves a major campaign.

In our firm, we undertake this in a way unlike any other group. Ours is so different we have registered the name: Feasibility/Developmental Analysis.

Our entire approach is focused on: Not If...But How. The small difference in perspective makes a world of exciting potential. (If you would like to read the special instructions we give our senior study directors before they undertake an F/DA, just visit our Resources section.)

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