It’s really quite simple. You have got to know the territory!

Actually, you have to know the people whose gifts will help your organization reach its full potential. You have to know what they like and don’t like. You have to know what they want, what they need, and what aspirations cause them to reach out to help others with their gifts.

For the forty years the firm has served the philanthropic sector, we have known that the secret to organizational growth and vitality and fundraising success was to understand the full potential in a community and how to make that a reality.

It’s essential that you know your donors, their traits and aspirations, their goals and interests, and their perceptions about your organization. Then, the next essential step is to apply that knowledge to the design and execution of winning charitable strategies and tactics.

Some say philanthropy is changing. We know it never stopped changing. Knowing what to do, now and in the future, requires understanding those who will be crucial to you. Your programs must appeal not only because of what your organization does— but because your donors love what you do and want to be a part of making the organization even more vital and strong.

In our Market Research, we help you understand the nuances and opportunities among your donors. We help you effectively plan to offer satisfying and productive programs to encourage philanthropy.

As the number of charitable organizations grows, as donors focus their giving on fewer organizations to achieve more impact, and as the capacity of your donor market grows with increased wealth, we help you know the territory and turn that knowledge into more support for your organization’s mission.

Research That Pays Dividends

We provide an important research component for your campaign and development programs. This includes depth-information on individual and corporate giving and foundation and government grants.

The research is extensive. If the information is available from any source— we’ll find it!

This service is available only to the firm’s past and present clients. If you are not a client, we can help direct you to several shops that provide this type of an examination (but are not as good!).