How can you build a large and growing universe of supporters for your work, across town and around the world?

The answer is as close as your smartphone.

In just the last decade, hundreds of social platforms have emerged, allowing people throughout the world to share ideas, stories, and images. We challenge one another to take action. And to give to the causes that define us. All of it now in the palm of our hands.

Despite our excitement for social media, nonprofits have relatively little fundraising success to show for it. The reason is simple. Organizations have mostly focused on broadcasting messages rather than building audiences. Or they have built conversation but not invited participation.

We believe that social media, like every other thoroughfare of communication and commerce, needs to be about listening first and asking second. We also believe that you must in fact both listen and ask. Doing just one or the other leads to limited engagement and limited revenue. Nonprofits do best when we both engage our supporters and invite their investment.

At Jerold Panas, Linzy & Partners, we combine our vast fundraising experience in fundraising with keen insights into today social platforms. We guide our clients to identify new audiences, foster meaningful conversation, build momentum for their most important messages, and drive traffic to opportunities for giving.

Whether you are looking for a social media specific audit, training for your staff and board, or suggestions for social platform strategy, we are ready to help you forge a path that always keeps your bottom line in mind.

Contact us to discuss how we may advance your development for building a successful social media platform strategy.